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We are specialists in Natural Perfumery & Aromatherapy and traditional synthetic materials. ‘Naturals’ require a different understanding of raw materials to synthetic materials. Using natural materials limits a perfumers’ palette, requires more skill and a regular supply of raw materials. A perfumer has only a few hundred natural raw materials to choose from, but many thousands of synthetics.


Natural or synthetic?

A synthetic material has a defined molecular structure and is replicable every time it is used. There is a general lack of consumer understanding of synthetic materials. We make clear the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ of each material and compound, their merits and pitfalls. On balance, there are more hazards in natural raw materials, like essential oils, than there are in most aroma chemicals. Natural raw materials cannot support the global market for fragrance, whereas synthetic materials can.

The price of natural

There are many claims that ‘Product X’ contains essential oils, which seem to be the backbone of any natural fragrance claim. From the beginning we have focused on becoming internationally renowned for the supply of essential oils into aromatherapy, medicine and perfumery and we currently offer a large portfolio of essential oils for our clients to choose from.

Essentially complex

Essential oils come from an aromatic plant source (leaf, flower, root or bark). This means that, unlike synthetic materials, there is a finite supply which presents a difficulty to brands with a global reach. With a limited palette perfumers need specialist knowledge to create something unique – something that we have in-house. We can guide our customers through the minefield of natural materials, helping them avoid costly mistakes as the brand grows.


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