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Fragrance and branding are an emotional experience. Touch and smell are fundamental to human interaction and a key emotional driver for the consumer at the point of sale. We work with companies like LVMH and Reckitt Benckiser as well as personality brands and start-ups, applying consultative expertise, creativity and ingenuity at every stage. We make it our mission to understand the needs and desires of the brand and its’ owner.


Nurturing consistency

We’re adept at creating fragrance ‘personalities’ and ensuring that they perform consistently throughout a product range. From the birth of the fragrance ‘concept’ we work closely with our clients, encouraging them to think forward and future-proof their product range. For example; a ‘smell’ from a skincare range may need to be recreated for a series of candles. This is an entirely different requirement – in chemistry, in production and in replication. We advise on and create solutions to these hidden pitfalls.

Enhancing fragrance

Fragrances, natural or synthetic, are a complex compound of chemicals that can react, or behave, differently in a variety of circumstances. We have the expertise to develop and enhance an existing fragrance, ‘tweaking’ it to seamlessly fit any number of product applications.

Shaping the marketplace

The route to market is a confusing journey. From arranging consumer trials in target markets and offering advice on national tastes & cultural requirements, to producing ‘fragrance briefs’ & supporting trend presentations, we are the proven partner in fine fragrance innovation.


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