Putting Fragrance first to elevate your brand

For 40 years we have used our pioneering knowledge and promotion of organic essential oils to influence and nurture the world of fine fragrances. As the industry evolves and natural, fine fragrances are used in increasingly sophisticated ways, intelligent consultancy is more valuable & necessary than ever before. We’re always innovating and always prioritising the fragrance for the next generation of perfume entrepreneurs.


Bridging the gap

We provide specialist consultancy that bridges the gap between fragrance ‘concept’ and ‘reality’, helping brands develop their ‘identity’ by ensuring that fragrance is the primary focus. Our unique knowledge of raw materials and essential oils, makes us a premier independent developer of fine fragrances. We combine this expertise with extensive knowledge of the industry-wide network of perfumers, contractors and distributors – making sure your fragrance is entrusted with the right partner.

Nurturing the future

We take enormous care in nurturing fragrance brands, ensuring they remain consistent, building confidence and credibility. We understand ambition, raw materials, marketplace, manufacturing and supply chain. We understand fine fragrances.


Together we will evolve & nurture your brand to mirror your ambitions

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