Celebrity start-up

Nude Skincare

Nude Skincare a start-up co-founded by Bryan Meehan ex Fresh & Wild with famous model Ali Hewson and backed by Bono. Fragrant Earth International (FEI) became part of the development team at inception providing lead advice through its related partner Genera Consultancy Ltd. Start-ups need a broad experience of all aspects of the cosmetic and toiletry business. FEI was able to guide the budding entrepreneurs through common pitfalls.

FEI became the perfume house of choice working closely with contract manufacturers in France and when acquired by LVMH group continued to supply key ingredients. Nude night oil became the star product which was wholly manufactured by FEI as well as the Rose active fragrance. In the USA FEI was also instrumental in the creation of the Pro-Genius oil which too became a best seller.

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