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The very best Fragrance, Perfumes, Aromatics and Extracts born from nature and science. Brought to you by a company which fully understands the art of Perfumery & Aromatics.

FEI has grown through our consultancy work in the cultivation and application of natural materials over some 40 years. Now based in Somerset, England, FEI are naturally biased toward natural materials in our approach and philosophy to the art and science of Perfumery. Created by artisan perfumers and aromatherapists our primary focus is the beauty of the raw material itself and how it can be rendered into a compound with exquisite notes and a wellspring of commercial alchemy.

We rely on the expertise of our long-qualified, reliable ‘noses’ to guide us on fragrance and quality of aroma and we co-operate with long time friends and people who really know their craft or profession who give us provenance and include primary growers, distillers and aroma experts, to help us get the very best quality whole, vital, raw materials.

We provide the sui generis to your fragrance

We are committed to sustainability through organic growing methods, and wild harvesting collection as well as biotechnology. In the mass market, synthetics play an important role by mimicking rare plants, releasing land for food crops as well as providing a much wider palette of materials to provide piquancy, zest and even harmony to natures children which are essential oils. We are not averse to synthetic materials and use them wisely and creatively advising on their advantages and similarly for natural materials.

Our approach, which has remained true since we began, has helped Fragrant Earth to grow into a major award-winning force worldwide in aromatic products, cosmetics and toiletries. Our current Chairman is a regular guest on the International Lecture Circuit and we have grown with our customers, remaining a supplier to some which we began with 40 years ago and exporting to countries around the globe from the Far East to the New World.

Brand managers and owners, contractors and consultants worldwide can be confident that the Fragrant Earth label guarantees the unique qualities needed for fine fragrance, environmental fragrance, cosmetics and toiletries as well as aromatherapy, medical aromatics and couturier perfumery. And because we are independent of any buying group or trade association consortium we are free to source and price according to the unique selling point required.


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